AI and Drug Discovery

By Peter Harris | October 9, 2017 |

Topics: #AI #drugdiscovery

    AI WILL EMPOWER DRUG DISCOVERY, BUT NOT THROUGH IN SILICA EXPERIMENTATION         Artificial intelligence, or “AI” for short, has been the topic of sweeping news coverage of late. In the life sciences arena, much focus has been given to the use of AI to help the drug discovery process. Articles like “Big pharma turns to AI to speed drug discovery, GSK signs deal” and “Artificial Intelligence In Drug Discovery: A Bubble Or A Revolutionary ...
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Personalized Medicine Depends on Automation

By Peter Harris | September 28, 2017 |
    The use of robotics and automation more generally is associated with increasing productivity and efficiency, often with the displacement of human labor with machine-based work. While productivity gains are a clear benefit of robotics, they can overshadow another equally or at times more important result - accuracy and repeatability. We are all familiar with the more general benefits of accuracy and repeatability in applications like high ...
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